Access Consciousness – The Bars

It's all about balance

Access Consciousness – The Bars

Release limiting beliefs

Change your mind-set today. Let go of what no longer serves your greatest good. Easily release outmoded though

Change your mind-set today. Let go of what no longer serves your greatest good. Easily release outmoded thought patterns. Sit back and relax whilst experiencing something unique.

What are The BARS?

Access Bars™ are 32 points of energy that run through and around your head that store the electromagnetic charge or build-up of all the thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions, judgments, and beliefs that you’ve learned or acquired throughout this and any other lifetime.

The 32 bars points correspond to different areas of life, including everything you think, feel and believe about your body, about control, about creativity and creation, about power, about the process of ageing, about sex & sexuality, about money and more.

As each Bar is gently touched, the energy in that area or aspect of your life begins to unclog, and years of energetic clutter can be cleared in a single session. Access Bars™ sessions give your brain and energy field the opportunity to purge the clutter you’ve stored away that you really don’t require any more, creating more space and allowing you to process life in a fresh new way!

BARS treatment in a beautiful outdoor setting

“An amazing experience. Relaxing but I could feel the buzzing around my body – tingling in my hands and feet. After the session I felt quite woozy, but it cleared my mind and I feel far more focussed now. Thank you Lisa.” Sheila Mawhinney

The “Bars” has assisted many people to change various aspects of their body and their life including health, finances, relationships, anxiety, stress and more!

“ amazing experience, helped to bring some balance and clarity, ordered my thoughts into what is best for me. Like having my eyes opened to what is possible, what I could do. I would highly recommend it to anyone” Lyndon Scott Davies


The treatment works in layers and works particularly quickly for children.  Multiple sessions are encouraged for optimum benefit (at least 4).  You will feel different every time.

Lisa Natasha
BARS works fast for children

Let go of negative emotions and create space for Ease, Peace and Happiness!

Benfits include:

Deep Relaxation During The Session, Allowing Your Body And Mind To Come Out Of Chronic Fight-Or-Flight Stress Mode Into The Healing Rest-And-Repair State

Energising And Rejuvenating

People Or Situations That Once Created Stress In Your Life Gradually Stop Bothering You, And You Find Yourself Much Less Reactive, Anxious, And Angry

Creative Problem Solving Abilities Increase – You Gain The Ability To See Solutions And Possibilities Where You Once Saw Only Problems And Challenges

Areas Of Your Life That Felt Impossible To Change Start To Open Up And Shift With Much Less Stress Or Effort

A Reduction In The Noise Of Repetitive, Negative Thoughts And Worries

Improved Sleep

Quicker Recovery Time With Any Old Or New Injury, Surgery, Disease And Improvement In Overall Health

Improved Mental Focus And Clarity Of Mind And Purpose

More Energy And Motivation

“I’d highly recommend Lisa. The treatment I had was amazing and has been very powerful.” Carly Oliver

Sessions are 50€ per hour – 10% discount available on block bookings of 10 sessions. 5% discount on prepaid block booking of 5 sessions – minimum of 4 sessions recommended for optimum results.

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