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Combination class

ZENERGIZE is a combination class that uses elements of Qigong, Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Breath work and Meditation Br

ZENERGIZE is a combination class that uses elements of Qigong, Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Breath work and Meditation

Bring your Body-mind-spirit into balance.

Classes currently run weekly in Sitges, Barcelona.

We begin at 8.30am Wednesdays on the sand at Fragata Beach…over by the boats.

Wear comfortable clothing. Bring water to drink and something to lay on for a guided self-healing meditation at the end and perhaps something to shade your head and face (if you need it during the Summer months) ☀️

#sitgeszenergize #itsallaboutbalance ☯️

I have 30 years meditation experience
22 years leading workshops and classes
15 years Kung Fu training
10 years Qigong & Tai Chi practice

For more direct information, please contact via whatsapp on +447990696973

You can also join our New Lisa Life Zenergize Group on fb at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/BarcelonaZenergize/

Zenergize Whatsapp group available to those who attend classes, which are currently donation based on a pay what you can basis (during the covid situation)

New Lisa Life
Lisa Life hosts Zenergize Sitges
Zenergize Sitges for your wellbeing
Connecting Body-Mind-Spirit






New Lisa Life
Introducing Zenergize concepts

A Gentle Class Working At An Adaptable Pace On The Body, Mind, Spirit Connection.  This Class Will Leave You Relaxed, Calm And Centred.  Working From The Inside Out, Using Breath, Focus And Flow To Restore Energy, Build Strength, Stamina And Flexibility Without Force Or Unnecessary Pressure On The Body.

A combination of moving meditations using ancient techniques of qigong & tai chi. We harness the breath and energy to cultivate and cleanse our internal body systems, clearing our selves and embracing positive energy and focus. This class will introduce or develop for you simple and powerful exercises that you can use on a daily basis if you choose, to clear and energise your body, mind and spirit. As the class progresses we incorporate elements of kung fu to up the cardio aspect as needed. Followed by a cool down and guided relaxation with a focus on self-healing and expanding our awareness.

Zenergize workshop
Connecting with our lower energy centre (lower dan tian) to harness chi/qi

Lisa’s classes of Tai Chi and Zenergise were the most enjoyable classes I’ve attended. Lisa’s extensive knowledge of this art, was passed on to the group, in an innovative, informative and relaxed manner. Learning how to flow and ground, was an energy shift for me, not only allowing different perspectives to enter my life, but how to be in the moment, all initiated by Lisa’s gentle instruction. Lisa’s Zenergise class was a great support group, the Qi Gong releasing negativity, the Kung Fu element energising, and the ultimate relaxation of a meditation guided by Lisa’s soothing voice, provided every aspect of body-mind and soul wellbeing. A truly inspirational teacher.” Maxine Callaghan


New Lisa Life centering
Aligning the energy centres
New Lisa Life releasing techniques
Enabling the energy to flow without blocks and tension
Grounding and releasing











The Class is delivered to suit the needs of each group and works holistically on all levels to achieve a higher state of well-being, timings and content are adaptable to all abilities.

Weekly classes currently in Sitges

workshops at Parque Urbano Studio, Barcelona will resume at a time to be confirmed.




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