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Global Sisterhood Circle


EACH TIME WOMEN GATHER IN CIRCLES THE WORLD HEALS A LITTLE! In 2014 I became a member of the Global Sisterhood


In 2014 I became a member of the Global Sisterhood, founding and facilitating for 4 years a circle of women in North Cyprus. Gathering on the New Moon each month, along with over 1000 other community circles of women around the world, to meditate on powerful shared themes for the transformation of the community and the globe.

With a focus on support, genuine connection, healing the feminine wounds of the past, embracing the true nature of divine female, releasing aspects of fear, shame and guilt and empowering women to shine and become allies both locally and globally.

Global Sisterhood
North Cyprus Sister Circle

The experience of facilitating this circle with a community of mature women, I learned a great deal about the Sisterhood!

“I come from a family of many women. In this microcosmic representation of female relationships, I learned much about the politics and intricacies of women in our culture and how we have been programmed to navigate amongst each other and within the wider world. I felt a calling to undo much of this programming, within myself and within my community.  I found the Global Sisterhood and tapped into wider communities of women. It was a huge blessing and great guidance. I am forever grateful to the North Cyprus Sister Circle for we shared much intimacy and transformation”.

With a recent relocation from Cyprus to Barcelona I was keen to continue this important ritual in our new community. I linked up via the Global Sisterhood and contacted a circle operating in and around Barcelona. We met on the new moon on May 4th in a beautiful forest setting at La Floresta and I was lucky enough to become part of their magical gathering, brimming with divine feminine energy.

Barcelona Women’s Circle facilitated by Rocio Pilar Gomez y Naiara Armendariz

If you feel called, please do get in touch for details of future gatherings. This is a powerful ritual that provides so much spiritual support.

To connect with the Global Sisterhood directly visit

New Moon Womens Circle
New Moon Gathering in La Floresta


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