I have had the pleasure of attending a wonderful workshop with Lisa, a fantastic retreat day and two grounding one on one sessions with Lisa. I would highly recommend her to my dearest friends not only for her skilful delivery of her many healing and grounding talents but also her beautifully calming and nurturing nature. 
Lisa is able to both put you at ease and encourage you to achieve a higher state of relaxation both in the moment and then onwards lasting well beyond the session; leaking a bliss lasting far beyond that moment. This soothing continues into all aspects of the mundane, making that ‘magic spark’ that she creates within your soul last well beyond that session. 
Lisa is a truly beautiful soul and a true inspiration.

Christina Brindley


Lisa’s classes of Tai Chi and Zenergise were the most enjoyable classes I’ve attended. Lisa’s extensive knowledge of this art, was passed on to the group, in an innovative, informative and relaxed manner. Learning how to flow and ground, was an energy shift for me, not only allowing different perspectives to enter my life, but how to be in the moment, all initiated by Lisa’s gentle instruction. Lisa’s Zenergise class was a great support group, the Qi Gong releasing negativity, the boxercise element energising, and the ultimate relaxation of a meditation guided by Lisa’s soothing voice, provided every aspect of body-mind and soul wellbeing. A truly inspirational teacher. We all miss Lisa’s gentle presence, and know she has taken all her skills forward to benefit many more with her knowledge and capability of enhancing others lives.

 Maxine Callaghan


I met Lisa at my first Sister Circle, North Cyprus, 3 years ago. Lisa was facilitating the meditation & continued to be our main facilitator until she sadly left the Island.
Lisa emanates humility & love. She is dedicated, conscientious & knowledgeable in every aspect of her work. Lisa has a natural ability to assist, listen & guide. Helping women to open up, find our truths, own our decisions…allowing us to be our wholesome selves.
Lisa is a well ‘balanced’ & confident leader. (Balance being her main focus on life’s journey, practicing everything she believes in). A truly inspiring woman, whom has faith within herself & her beliefs.
Lisa is an organised, focused & yet serene facilitator who will bring light, peace & happiness wherever her journey takes her.


I’d highly recommend Lisa. The treatment I had was amazing and has been very powerful.
Carly Oliver

With no prior insight to the treatment, I was open to the experience and trusted that it would be at the very least enjoyable, but knowing Lisa as I do I held a further trust that it would be much more than that.
I found the treatment to be deeply relaxing. The nature of the pressure being held on the cranium for such extended periods of time allowed a more profound experience which is still hard to put into words. The shifts of energy were felt as clear sensations in the head and in the body, the spoken word element worked to occupy the mind, which seemed to create deeper openings with the pressure. I could have repeated the process immediately.
I thoroughly enjoy the treatment. Being so deeply relaxed while completely alert. For the rest of the day I felt calm and peaceful, the following days I felt uplifted and open. I feel it has had an extremely positive impact. I felt a warm loving connection with Lisa and look forward to her next visit to the UK for a second session.

Kerrie Frances (The Yoga Class)

6 weeks after my ankle break and op I had a BARS session with Lisa. I was determined to get on and do things and I’m not good at slowing down so was definitely over doing things. Lisa did the session at 1oclock. After that I was all nice and cosy and did not move until 7.30pm. During the session I experienced a pain in the chest and a popping sensation in that area and the pain eased. I also felt slight pain in my shoulder. It felt like my shoulder was being massaged although Lisa’s hand was on my head the whole time. The same could be said of my foot. What stood out most being a cold-blooded person and always cold was that I was heated throughout my body. It was a warm secure loving feeling. Definitely what I needed to stop me in my tracks and make me rest. Thanks Lisa!
Shelagh Bolton

Highly recommended! My head is somewhat noisy and cluttered at the best of times, particularly so of late. Within hours of receiving the BARS I felt as though someone had pressed a pause button in my busy headspace and it was subsequently re-organising itself. I felt a weight lifted and a lot of tension disappeared. I shall certainly be having it done again!! Thank you!
Becky Wright

It emptied my brain!
Horace Wetton

It felt relaxing and at the same time energising. After, I remember something happening with my balance, but then I became very clear, conscious and had a feeling of being taller.
Annie Campbell

It was very relaxing. I felt totally relaxed
Yvonne McQuigg

I really enjoyed the session, felt totally relaxed which I struggle with usually and I felt good all day. I experienced an emotional release a couple of days after the treatment
Maxine Callaghan 1st treatment

Have just had a second treatment from the lovely Lisa and relaxed so thoroughly that I wondered whether I was asleep or not! I don’t think I was, but it was an amazing feeling that took me right away from this earthly dimension! In a very nice way! Thank you for an extremely enjoyable afternoon Lisa. Would recommend this interesting therapy to everyone that would like to release their limitations!
Maxine Callaghan further treatment

I really enjoyed it at the time it was happening, I felt very relaxed and that feeling continued throughout the rest of the day and I slept soundly. The next couple of days lots of emotions came to the surface but I have since felt re-energised and on my game
Danny Spencer 1st treatment
After having more treatments I can say that it’s different every time. I have greater clarity and less imaginary blocks stopping me from doing what I know I can do. If creativity is your thing, as it is mine, then this is highly recommended.
Danny Spencer after 5 further treatments

An amazing experience. Relaxing but I could feel the buzzing around my body – tingling in my hands and feet. After the session I felt quite woozy, but it cleared my mind and I feel far more focussed now. Thank you Lisa
Sheila Mawhinney

The BARS session was amazing Lisa thank you. I have felt the benefits for the last few days.
Sue Roberts

I have been so in this moment ever since. I feel somehow to be more present than before, at least some of the worry is gone. I would be happy to report now that the worry could be entirely gone. I hope so. I will keep you posted!
Suzie Heijari

A few weeks later follow up to Suzie (who returned to Finland) revealed:
I have not since had another BARS session but indeed somehow my body image has taken a shift. Even though I may not think my body is now better, but maybe the unnecessary criticism I did before has gone. I think I don’t care so much now. I look the way I look and there is nothing wrong with it. I think that is a change for a calmer mind. Suzie Heijari

Receiving a BARS treatment from Lisa was a truly unique experience. From the start a space was made for a healing experience. Lisa explained what it was that she would be doing, the intention setting and the clearing statement to open up my mind and body to clear and release. The treatment itself was relaxing. Following the treatment and for a few days after I felt a calmness within. My mind was quiet and body relaxed. Since then I can see how some old beliefs and thought patterns have cleared and I will often hear Lisa’s words in my mind supporting further changes. I couldn’t recommend Lisa enough if you want to go further with your healing journey using a profoundly life changing technique working with our energy systems.
Julianne Downham

After the session I felt floaty and light and what was worrying me before wasn’t worrying me any more for a while after. It went so quickly, I could hear your whispers very occasionally. I kept sitting up and having conversations with people and then realising I hadn’t even opened my eyes let alone sat up, I also kept seeing a black Wolf walking through forests down hill. Weirdly my Dad got a new dog a couple of months ago which is actually a black Alsatian called Nala (I only found out about Nala after the treatment).I also slept the best I have slept whilst visiting my Dad last week. It’s the first time in over 3 years I have been able to take myself to bed and fall straight to sleep without any noise on in the background.
Claire Angel

Lisa is absolutely brilliant, she made me feel very relaxed and comfortable and the BARS experience is a bit of an inexplicable whirlwind! I was left with the combined feeling of riding a rollercoaster and also complete stillness and calm. I can’t wait for my next session!
Joey Thorrington

My experience of Access Consciousness BARS treatment from Lisa is aimed at dissipating what felt like Electro-Magnetic/ static charge in the brain which is built up by our thoughts throughout life. The therapy is aimed at removing this negative residue so that once these blockages are removed our thoughts can flow more freely, allowing us to approach life, love and or dreams more successfully. My experience with Lisa was a very beneficial, pleasant and unique experience which was performed in her beautiful Cypriot villa under golden rays of warm sunshine on a hot May day. I must admit that I was in a very tired and exhausted state before the treatment and wasn’t feeling like I was in the best condition to have this therapy. However, as soon as I lay down and Lisa started to work I felt much better. I was pleasantly soothed by feelings of calmness and tranquility as Lisa began to speak to me and guided me into a meditative state of consciousness. Soon I felt her apply gentle pressure to various parts of my head which later became accompanied by unusual tingling sensations! My relaxation began to deepen quickly and I began to see very mild visual effects occurring in my closed-eye field of vision. I saw bright colours which appeared to change into different soft shapes and would slowly morph into other colours and various clouds of what resembled ‘static’. A lot of the visual imagery looked like what I imagine energy to look like. As Lisa began to voice some of the affirmations and mantras which accompany this treatment I began to listen intently; trying to examine the content of these words which seemed to be aimed at dissolving negative beliefs and mental programming which often forms the basis of people’s psychological barriers to that which they desire. I was pleasantly surprised by the effects all of this had upon my mind and body in that moment. Feelings of lightness, care-free thought and subtle warm positive energy replaced my previously tired and stressed state. These were only short term effects. The deeper effects of BARS took me a greater period of time to understand. After I had returned from Cyprus and Lisa’s BARS treatment, i felt much more positive and free to resolve the many stresses, problems, dilemmas, worries and concerns. For example instead of worrying that I had come back to no job and having over spent on holiday, I just simply understood that the situation would resolve itself naturally without me having to stress, worry or expend great amounts of energy on ‘making’ it happen! This time there appeared to be little to no resistance in my mind to accepting that what I wanted to achieve was already precipitating in my life without my conscious understanding of how and why. Soon enough money seemed to be flowing healthily again and many more jobs and offers came my way with surprising frequency and ease. It was probably always the case that jobs and opportunities to generate income were abundant, yet I previously had more negative mental programming that made me feel more pessimistic, worried and anxious about the possibility of turning my situation around! However a part of my mind also believes that there maybe more to it than psychologically dissolved blockages in the mind… it may be possible that the fractal nature of the mind and of reality also reciprocated the unblocking of energetic pathways in my life. I can’t prove it, but it does just seem that way. Furthermore, other problems in life just don’t seem as hard, heavy or solid anymore. Surely I get my bad days where everything seems heavy but not as often, in consequence I have learned to trust life more and this has made me far happier. There was one fact in my life which always worried me, although this fact has not been dissolved yet, it no longer bears any soul crushing weight like it used to, it’s like previously my perception of this fact was that there was no hope of changing it, but now it appears to have lost its negative power and I feel perfectly fine knowing that it will change soon. I believe that there could be more potential to uncover with my experience of BARS treatment. Lisa did a wonderful job with what appears to be real life altering effects. I look forward to seeing what another session will do and I will keep you all posted on the news and progress. Lisa is a truly wonderful person with an Angelic soul. Her work all comes from her loving heart and wise spirit. I would recommend her to every good person around! BARS had done pretty much exactly what it ‘says on the tin’!
Mark Pankiw

I had the pleasure of experiencing a bars session in the beautiful olive garden in north Cyprus. What an experience that was, did not know what to expect to be honest. Was so tranquil and calming, her hands so gentle and healing. Since returning to the UK I feel much more calmer and focused. That focused I’ve been thinking of completing some courses in massage. Thank you Lisa and I would love to have another session.
Julie Sims

After hearing a lot of good things about Lisa and Conscious Access Bars, I decided to give it a go. I was so glad, as I experienced amazing benefits. I am into meditating anyway, but now my meditations are on a deeper level; my sense of wellbeing has increased considerably with an enhanced sense of clarity. The release of certain blocks that I didn’t even realise were there or had come to accept that was just the way things were became apparent and I am still reaping the benefits 10 months later. You’ve got to give it go! Thanks Lisa!
Michael Thomas

I went to see Lisa to have my Bars run whilst visiting Cyprus, an amazing experience, helped to bring some balance and clarity, ordered my thoughts into what is best for me. Like having my eyes opened to what is possible, what I could do. I would highly recommend it to anyone, whatever your personal circumstance it will help. I will definitely be having more sessions with Lisa in the future.
Lyndon Scott Davies

I attended my first BARS session with Lisa and she immediately made me feel so relaxed and comfortable.
Lisa was very professional… she explained the process in detail prior to beginning the session and her manner of delivering the treatment was both thorough and most enjoyable!
She also offered me hydration which I feel is very important.
I highly recommend Lisa to run your BARS!
Ian Trenor

I have nothing but praise for Lisa for taking the time to introduce mt to the Bars. Following a long recuperation from illness and feeling like my consultants could do no more for me, I was open to explore other avenues to nable me to continue in my progression towards regaining my health. My first session was relaxing at the time of the treatment and not knowing what to expect, I was comfortable for Lisa to guide me into asking the universe for answers. I am now awaiting my 5th session and with each session I have more clarity to the questions being asked which in turn gives me a better emotional connection to those questions I thought I may never find the answers to.
Carl Heath

BARS TRAINING Testimonials

Having read a little about the advertised course I felt drawn to it. The day was very intense, however with Lisa it seemed to flow – she is a remarkable tutor and mentor. Attending this course has enabled me to gain a deeper understanding of myself and also how to enable others. I highly recommend it – it can definitely aid your wellbeing – ‘How does it get any better than this?’ Thank you Lisa.
Elaine Aarons

Thank you Lisa for my training in Access Consciousness and for helping me to achieve my qualification as a Bars Practitioner. It was a very interesting and an intense day but we had some laughs throughout the day and of course a lovely lunch. I am a teacher in my own right and believe you are a born educator who makes learning fun. I feel privileged for you to help me on my bars journey.
I found the training day very relaxed and informative with plenty hands on practice. During receiving hands on practice I experienced results which were private to me, however I know that running the bars works from personal experience. it can take up to 4 sessions for some releases and strangely enough it was my fourth lesson during the training as I had previously had three sessions with Lisa. I’d recommend to anyone to take at least 4 sessions for best results although sometimes the results can be immediate. There is no way of telling.
Shelagh Bolton

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