Well-being workshops

Well-being workshops

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The connection between physical, mental and spiritual well-being is always important and often overlooked. &nb

Finding connection

The connection between physical, mental and spiritual well-being is always important and often overlooked.



In 2020, we can no longer neglect the balance of these vital components of all human beings in all age groups.

With over 20 years of workshop experience and a focus on bringing balance through a range of activities, I am now offering group Well-being workshops for all ages in all settings.

2020 has brought up challenges for most of us in some way. Giving rise to stress, anxiety, tension and worry. The signs may not always be visible, but underlying and deeply impacting the life, energy and effectiveness of many people living through this time.

Promoting team-work and positive interaction

If you lead a group of students or staff, have a team that you know will benefit from sensitive focus on their well-being, I have a multitude of simple and effective, tried and tested techniques to help encourage and restore balance.




I have experience working with all ages and abilities, in many different settings and can create bespoke workshops of 1 hour, 2 hours, half a day, a full day. Whatever your group needs are, they can and will be met.

Zenergize workshop
Workshops for adults in the workplace or on retreats
Interactive techniques for adult work teams








I have extensive workshop experience in schools, colleges, universities, with children, adults, special needs, work teams and teachers in both corporate and creative environments, leading movement activities, meditation, holistic practices, connection exercises and creative workshops. In 2008 I spoke as an arts representative at DfeS (Department for Education & Skills) at Whitehall on The Art of Collaboration for a Creative Partnerships UK Nationwide scheme. I delivered workshops across the country for that initiative over a number of years. I left the UK in 2013 and became a University lecturer in Cyprus. I have been in Barcelona for almost 2 years now and based in Sitges for the duration of lockdown.

Girne American University session, TRNC










9 year olds meditate, finding peace and calm in stillness at school






Connecting with techniques to bring balance








Bringing all my skills together under one umbrella in these Well-being workshops, I am able to connect with the group and implement a combination of the practices that I use in my various classes and therapies. Through a process of discussion and exploration, we work with a range of activities including moving arts, breath work, contact work, neuro linguistic programming interactions, meditation, guided journeys including elements of hypnosis and timeline therapy. It is a blend of these practices and over 20 years experience working with the energy of groups that I am able to utilise my intuitive abilities to connect and bring a group into balance. There is not a prescribed method for this, but more a flow of synergy that evolves during the process.

Workshops are created following consultation with the specific organisation and their brief and my own spontaneous perception of the groups energetic needs in the space on the day. These are real, quantifiable shifts in dynamics and understanding of the world around us and how we perceive it. Bringing the group into ‘Cause’ and ‘Responsibility’ and empowering them to influence the outcome of their energy.



The day was very intense, however with Lisa it seemed to flow – she is a remarkable tutor and mentor. Attending this course has enabled me to gain a deeper understanding of myself and also how to enable others. I highly recommend it – it can definitely aid your wellbeing – ‘How does it get any better than this?’ Thank you Lisa

Elaine Aarons
Training course particpant


Collaborating with Lisa has always proved to be an enjoyable and valuable experience, her approach is professional and inspiring, and we hope to continue developing our working partnership.’

Fiona Waddle
Artist and Project Manager
The Cultural Sisters


Lisa has an outstanding ability to understand a brief and respond with imagination, innovation and excellence’ 

Paul Hawkins
Pablo Productions Ltd


Lisa emanates humility & love. She is dedicated, conscientious & knowledgeable in every aspect of her work. Lisa has a natural ability to assist, listen & guide. She  is a well ‘balanced’ & confident leader. (Balance being her main focus on life’s journey, practicing everything she believes in). A truly inspiring woman, whom has faith within herself & her beliefs. Lisa is an organised, focused & yet serene facilitator who will bring light, peace & happiness wherever her journey takes her.

Michelle Dean
Workshop member


Well-being workshops are €40 per hour plus expenses for individual sessions. Half day at €150 or €280 per full day, with multiple sessions designed to fit your needs. 







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