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1503 hours plus follow up coaching

Natural Movement Workshops utilise movement therapy practices with a focus on self-exploration    With 1

Natural Movement Workshops utilise movement therapy practices with a focus on self-exploration 


With 15 years as a Professional Dance Practitioner and 7 as Creative Director of Physically Speaking -The Foundation for Natural Dance, I went on to explore the fundamentals of Dance Therapy with students at the Girne American University of Cyprus whilst lecturing there.

Influenced by the work of Anna Halprin and taking a Somatic approach to movement, workshops are built on past Dance experience and teamed with current holistic practice. The session is designed to access inner processes, building awareness through Connection for holistic self-enquiry.


Benefits include:

  • Body-Mind-Spirit connection
  • self-understanding
  • release of unwanted energies
  • positive interaction
  • freedom of expression
  • Gaining clarity
  • General well-being
  • Understanding relationships – with the self and others
Getting to the heart of the matter
Carefully seeing, connecting, feeling and understanding what is deep within you



Workshops are a creative process of unlocking what is stored internally and subconsciously for therapeutic benefits to the body-mind and spirit.





  • Those wishing to explore themselves through movement
  • Those wanting to investigate, discover, connect and release
  • Creative individuals looking for self-discovery tools
  • Anyone willing to open themselves in a safe environment to connect more deeply
  • Those who prefer not to talk, feel their way into their body-mind-spirit and find alternative expressions
  • Those who respond well to healing through movement
  • Anyone who is curious and would like to give it a go


THE work is an individual and autonomous journey for each participant. You can share as much or as little as you like with the rest of the group in this safe, non-judgemental, facilitated creative process. Groups are kept small for intimacy.

These sessions are a sensitive and confidential safe space for adults to explore, shift and transform through movement.

My experience working with dance, movement and holistic practices merge in this workshop as we bring together a sensitive and somatic approach to body-mind-spirit exploration.

Fully utilising my dance & creative workshop history and combining it with the coaching skills of NLP, Timeline Therapy and Hypnosis this workshop engages participants in an autonomous  journey, tapping into the bodies innate wisdom, to draw out and release any limiting beliefs that  are unconsciously stored. Ask your body what it wants and needs. You will be surprised how much it knows.

Relevant training:

BACA Creative Arts – Dance Theatre Degree

15 years as a professional dance practitioner, creating, choreographing, performing, collaborating, teaching to all ages and abilities

Neuro Linguistic Programming Coach (accredited by ABNLP Coaching Division), Timeline Therapy® Practitioner (TLT®A) and Hypnosis Practitioner (ABH)

Dance & Movement Workshops and training with relative Artists and Practitioners such as:

Internationally recognised movement teacher, director and performer Helen Poyner. Helen specialises in movement in natural environments, site-specific, autobiographical and improvisatory performance and cross art-form collaborations and trained directly with Anna Halprin at the San Francisco Dancers’ Workshop;

Jacqueline McCormick a performer and creator for over thirty years, in her company DanceAbout creates works that take a dancing journey through the outback of the self by creating movement from sensation;

The Body Cartography Project (Olive Bieringa and Otto Ramstad), whose work is influenced by their studies at the Body-Mind Center and is based on a somatic movement approach;

Sally Ridgeway independent artist from the International Somatic Movement and Therapy Association (ISMETA).

Workshop is 150€ per person and last for 3 hours. The experience also includes a 1 to 1 personal coaching follow up session for each participant.

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